Professional Speaking

I am a dynamic speaker and enjoy creating presentations, trainings and workshops for parents, therapists, students, educators or any group interested in better understanding adolescents, mental health or LGBTQ issues.  Example presentations are below, however I will customize my presentation to fit the unique needs of any audience.

For Parents:

  • Sailing The Seven C’s… How to Pass the Teen Test
  • It’s NOT Personal ! How To Lower Frustration When Dealing with Teens
  • Horses are Not Big Dog… And Adolescents are Not Small Adults
  • Surviving the Holidays with Your Moody Teen

For Schools:

  • Effective Strategies for Students with Learning or Emotional Challenges
  • ADHD and Implications for Learning
  • Principles of Effective Behavior Management
  • Social Skills Coaching for Teachers
  • Creating a School-Based Recovery Group

For Students:

  • Disability Awareness
  • ADHD – Friend or Foe
  • Substance Abuse Education

If you would like to discuss a presentation, workshop or training for your group, please contact me.

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