Therapy Services in Fairfax, VA
I provide therapy to “tweens”, teens, young adults and families in my private therapy office. My company is called “Kirby Creative Clinical Solutions”, because I enjoy reaching teens who may have been resistant to more traditional forms of therapy by employing creative approaches such as recreation, sand tray, music, art, and equine therapy. With my background in Special Education, I am an effective advocate in IEP meetings and provide consultation for parents and schools where specialized behavioral plans are needed.

On-Going Groups in Fairfax
LGBTQ Adolescent and Young Adult Support Group
Parenting Teens Education / Support Group
Anxiety Support Group for Young Adults
Passport Program

Equine Therapy Services in Purcellville, VA. 
Through a partnership with Project Horse, I provide equine therapy to individuals and groups in the tranquil setting of a farm in Loudon County. Read more about this unique and highly effective form of 538therapy by going to the Project Horse website or by watching this video.


Even more videos about Project Horse can be found here.

For more information about the therapy services I offer, please contact me.



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