The Trans
Anthology Project

In my role as a therapist who specializes in working with trans youth and their parents, I have had the unique opportunity to see the myriad of ways that youth and their families navigate the path to authenticity.

The experience of each family is unique, but always inspirational. I have long been struck by the fact that so few people have a chance to hear these amazing stories of struggle, self-discovery, strength, resilience, perseverance, and integrity.

Early in 2022, I made a commitment to bring these amazing stories to life and the Trans Anthology Project was launched.

The Trans Anthology Project will …

  1. Offer both education and personal insights into the many ways that the trans journey is navigated, emphasizing that there is no right or wrong way to travel a road to authenticity.
  2. Give voice to the myriad of stories, highlighting both the uniqueness of the journey and the common milestones.
  3. Speak to both teens and parents, helping them to better understand one another as they travel their separate roads on this shared journey.
  4. Offer a sense of hope and community to those teens and parents feeling isolated, afraid, and alone as they venture onto this path.
  5. Be so compelling through its honesty and diversity that folks who are not yet allies will be curious enough to learn, and by hearing the stories of courage and resilience will come to better understand the urgent need for a society that is more supportive of this vulnerable population.


This exciting endeavor is underway, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

You can help by…

1. Encouraging gender diverse young people and their parents to submit a poem or story by uploading it to Trans Anthology Project Submission.


2. Sharing news of this project with friends and family via email or social media.


3. Donating to the financial costs of publishing this book.

    • For $10 or more, donors will have their name listed in the book (unless they prefer not), demonstrating the wide support for the trans community.
    • For $250 or more, donors will have one full line of text in the book and receive one free copy.
    • For $500 or more, donors will have three full lines of text, receive two copies of the book, and be publicly recognized in my newsletter and at the book launch.
    • For $750 or more, donors will have a full page to feature their logo and to share information about their organization. This is a great way to make sure your organization stands out in support of trans youth.
    • Donors may also remain anonymous.

I am working with Donna Mazzitelli from the publishing company Merry Dissonance Press (MDP). Donna and MDP helped me launch my first book, Wild At Heart, which ultimately won a Silver Medal in the Living Now Awards. Having worked with Donna before, I know that she is committed to the success of the Trans Anthology Project. I hope you will join us in bringing the Trans Anthology Project to life.