Public Speaking

I am a dynamic speaker and enjoy creating tailored presentations, trainings and workshops for parents, therapists, students, educators or any group interested in better understanding adolescents, mental health or LGBTQ issues.
Many requests are for presentations and workshops describing the principles in my book, Wild At Heart: Adolescents, Horses & Other Kindred Spirits.
Some examples are:
• Sailing The Seven C’s… How to Stay Sane While Raising a Teen
• It’s NOT Personal! How To Lower Frustration When Dealing with Teens
• Horses are Not Big Dogs… And Adolescents are Not Small Adults

I work closely with a representative from your group to ensure that my presentation is aligned with the specific concerns or requests that you have. Presentations can be tailored to the time you have available or can be provided in a short series.

In recent years, I have developed expertise in working with youth who are gender-questioning and trans gender. I enjoy providing presentations to private schools, churches or other community groups who want to better understand the transgender experience and how to be an effective advocate.



Presenting with Joe Cabush at the Fairfax County Community Services Board on effectively working with transgender youth.


Speaking at the EGCM Annual Summit on Wild at Heart: Adolescents, Horses & Other Kindred Spirits


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