Group Therapy Services

I believe strongly in the powerful impact of being in a group and being able to connect with others who share a unique challenge. So many of my clients feel lonely in their struggle and hearing from others allows them to realize they are not alone. Support and feedback from those who are “in it with you” is an important adjunct to individual therapy. My therapy practice focuses on creating community and connection through group therapy options for young adults, transgender teens, and parents.

Young Adults

For many young adults, the transition from the structure of High School to the uncertainty of adulthood is overwhelming. The college admissions process and the job market in the DC Area, leave many young adults feeling incompetent and concerned about their future.

Currently, KCCS offers three different groups for young adults and clients can join at any time.
A co-ed group for young adults focused on the Self-Awareness that Leads to Self-Advocacy (S.A.L.S.A.) Using a variety of inventories, assessments and reflective exercises young adults in this group gain greater insight into their own temperament, strengths, values, communication styles, family roles, passions and more. They develop an appreciation for their own unique self and begin to step into their future with greater authenticity and confidence.

A group specifically for young adults who identify as transgender, non-binary or gender queer. This group provides a safe and supportive space to address the unique challenge of dealing with transitioning to one’s authentic gender while also transitioning into adulthood.

LGBTQ Community

I have been serving the unique needs of the LGBTQ community for many years. I have expertise in working with gender diverse youth and their families. I provide teen and family support groups as well as professional trainings for other mental health providers who want to more effectively work with this population.

Transgender / Non-Binary teens and tweens (ages 11-20)
Adolescence is a time of self-discovery. However, for those discovering that they are transgender, or who are confused about their gender identity, it is often a terrifying time. The rate of suicide among this vulnerable population is staggering. Next to family support, the most influential factor in their well-being is the ability to connect with peers who share their unique struggles. KCCS runs several groups simultaneously for this age group. Group is offered in a series of 8-10 sessions at a time. For the sake of emotional safety, members are not added once the group is started. But it is never too early to be on the list for the next series.

Parents of Transgender teens
The number one factor in the safety and well-being of transgender youth is the degree to which they experience family support. For this reason, parent education and support have become a primary focus for KCCS. Parents are requested to first participate in a 4-week education series that explains the terminology and biology of the transgender experience and then looks at ways that parents can begin to support their teen.
At the conclusion of the education series, parents are eligible to join an on-going parent support group focused on providing them the continued education and support they need to navigate the tumultuous waters of gender identity exploration with their child. For those whose child is going through a medical transition, there is a specific group.

Individual and Family Therapy Services

In addition to the many groups that I offer, I provide individual and family therapy to tweens, teens, young adults, and their families. My company is called Kirby Creative Clinical Solutions because I enjoy employing creative approaches to reach clients who may have been resistant to more traditional forms of therapy. With my Master’s in Special Education, I am an effective advocate in Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and provide consultation for parents and schools where specialized behavioral plans are needed.
Currently, my practice is full and I am unable to accept new individual therapy clients or add to my waiting list.