We were looking for someone that we could learn from as we take this journey. We are so lucky to have found that in Heather! She has been such a blessing!

~a parent of a transgender teen

I was telling the school counselor yesterday that our daughter has been in therapy for years but that seeing Heather at Project Horse is actually the only time I have seen her make progress.

~a parent of a child receiving equine therapy

Heather has been a great resource to me and my husband as we try to figure out how to best support our child in his transition from female to male. She is super easy to talk with, non-judgmental, and has lots of experiences with other gender non-conforming youth from which she can draw in guiding us. Her parent support group was a great opportunity to connect with other parents who are figuring out how to best navigate these unexpected waters and was a great blend of both practical information on all sorts of issues impacting transgender youth and a chance to talk informally with other parents about their experiences.

~ a parent of a transgender teen

I just wanted to thank you again for meeting with us today and giving us your assessment. As parents, suicide thoughts are so polarizing. We are very thankful to have found you, and your help today was truly a gift from above. I'm not overly religious, but I do believe amazing events happen as a result of amazing people. Please know your work is such a help to others!

~ a parent after a suicide assessment for their teenage son

We are all at different crossroads but it’s so powerful to be able to share what we are going through in a space that is safe, supportive and nonjudgmental. Not to mention all that we are learning from each other!

~ a parent about the Education and Support Group

Thank you, Heather! Thanks so much for doing this training.
It was so informative and enlightening. I learned so much.

~ From a mental health practitioner after a training on understanding gender diversity

He has always hated therapy, but he loves this group and wishes they could meet every day.

~ Parent of a teen in the gender support group

Thank you again for offering your class on "Working With Gender Identity" to our TBAH community!!! I have enjoyed your style/format and have felt like I "struck gold" with all of the information, resources, and experience/wisdom you have provided us!!

~ Mental health provider after taking a training on working with gender identity