About KC Clinical Solutions

Kirby Creative Clinical Solutions, LLC (KCCS) was founded on the principle that “talk therapy” is not always the most effective avenue for change. Often, we are at a loss to express with words the deep hurt, trauma, fear, depression or anxiety that prevents us from moving forward. Sometimes we cannot explain why we continue to engage in problematic behaviors, even when we know that they no longer serve us.

For many people, particularly teenagers, talking about problems is not always appealing. However, through music, art, recreation, sand tray, gestalt and equine therapy we can access the inner strength that unleashes our intuitive wisdom and leads to healing and change. In addition, when we employ alternative therapeutic approaches, self-discovery can even be FUN!!

KCCS offers both traditional and alternative therapies in Fairfax, VA. We specialize in working with parents, along with their tweens, teens and young adults. We offer individual and family therapy and a variety of support groups. Equine therapy is offered in connection with Project Horse in Purcellville, VA and North Light Coaching in Aldie, VA.

Current groups include:


Therapy Groups for Teens…

to increase social confidence

to address issues of gender diversity

Programs to support young adults in moving toward independence…

S.A.L.S.A. (Self-Awareness Leads to Self-Advocacy)

PASSPORT– An Intensive Program of Support

Education and Support Groups for Parents…

of challenging adolescents

of gender diverse teens

of young adults living at home


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